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The Hottest New Games-Jili world cup


The Hottest New Games-Jili world cup

What is the hottest race in the world right now? Get on board and get rich!

Put on your soccer shoes for this sports-themed slot from jili. The payout table features a row of glittering soccer stars representing their national teams. Germany is the highest-priced team, followed by Brazil, Spain, and France.

Portugal is a slightly lower value; at the bottom of the odds table you'll find England, Iran and Tunisia. jili With 25 paylines in the World Cup, forming combinations shouldn't be much of a problem.

Free spins are a popular sight, but it's the bonus games that are the real stars of the show. Get enough golden boots and you'll find yourself getting closer to the goal. Choose a direction to shoot and hit the goalkeeper to win a prize!




If you have never played online slot games, let us explain that online slots and is the easiest way to get paid online, so if you want to know what it is like to play slots online, you have come to the right place!


Step 1: new players need to learn things at the basic level

Online slots are the most popular game in casinos and once you understand exactly how each slot machine works, you can enjoy the game. Everything is the same with online slots, some gamblers like to play slots and get as much entertainment as possible, all you need to know is how much the game has to spend, how many paylines there are, and the features that are used to improve the gaming experience


Step 2: should be to analyze the payment rate of the game

Slot games are very popular among casino players because they are easy to play and have a high rate of return. The Rate of Return is the percentage of money returned to the player, or RTP. for example, for a slot game with an RTP of 96%, we would get 96 out of every bet which would be 100. The number may vary depending on the game and the number of times you play, but it gives a good idea of the average return per slot


Step 3: Try it for free before playing with real money

If you like your slots, you can test the game before you play, the pre-play test allows us to learn how to play slot games in many ways or to know how long it takes to win, or how much you need to pay per spin, the free trial will not affect your pocket money


Step4:Players should study the volatility of the game cost

Are you experienced in playing different games to get more bonuses, to find games that do not vary much from time to time, and have bigger bonuses? You can observe the changes in several experiments, until it becomes an experience, decide on which part to bet, how many times we will bet on that part, the amount must be within our budget,

For example, if we take a budget of 100 PHP and place a bet of 20 : 100 / 20 = 5 PHP per bet


The final step: we must know when it's enough to play

Slot machines are one of the newer games in the casino, slot machines are random, and you can easily play them, in the sense of winning more excitement than in online gambling, so many people are addicted to playing slot machines are a numbers game, it is more games than other games, if you play this type of game, you need to have the patience to play, to have a chance to win




From now until December 20, play three designated SLOTS GAMES--WORLD CUP -FOOTBALL FEVER -FOOTBALL FINALS, The winner will win an additional prize!

REWARDS are as follows:

1st place: 10,000 Free Coins

2nd place: 6,000 Free Coins

3rd place: 3,000 Free Coins

4th place: 2,500 Free Coins

5th place: 2,000 Free Coins

6th place: 1,500 Free Coins

7th place: 1,200 Free Coins

8th place: 1,000 Free Coins

9th place: 700 Free Coins

10th place: 500 Free Coins

11th – 20th place: 160 Free Coins



GoldenPlus+ has a variety of types, Slot, Fish, Table, and Arcade, and provides games such as cockfighting and bingo that are popular with local players,


All the games and game alternatives we offer to our customers are licensed and regulated. This means that we follow strict international standards and are regularly audited to ensure that the security of our platform and the privacy of our customers are protected.


It only takes 1 minute to register, GoldenPlus+ exclusive features will send you a Bonus play immediately.


Rules of activity :

  1. New members successfully register an GoldenPlus account and enter the OTP.

  2. New register members have to share GoldenPlus's Facebook Fanpage in public, tag 3 friends at least and also leave user ID in the comment at your sharing poster.

  3. Provide screenshot of FB sharing to customer services at LiveChat for applying free 60 PHP bonus and 8,800 diamonds.

  4. Members are required to fulfill 20X Turnover, you can redeem up to 200 credits.

  5. Each member is only able to apply for 1 time.

  6. All requirements must be done within 24 hours.

How to Claim :

  1. After meeting the above conditions, contact customer service via LiveChat.

  2. Confirm all verifications are completed, system will automatically offer bonus to main wallet.

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