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  • How can I register on your website?
    To register on our website visit the “Sign Up” section or Login with facebook account.
  • What should I do if I forget password of Golden Plus account?
    Please enter Golden+ website, then click on [login]-[Forget Password], fill in full of correct information: user and registered email, then click "OK". Our system will sent your email a temporary password to sign in. After sign in successfully, you may change your password and use the newest password to sign in next times.
  • Where can I see my account number?
    You can see your account (UID) number, visit the “My Profiler” section in the upper right corner, which was given by the Golden+.
  • Can I change my withdraw bank details?
    If you need to change your bank account, please use livechat to contact customer service
  • How can I contact you?
    You can contact us using the following means: Contact customer service livechat.
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