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What you should know about Color Game online Perya

The Color Game online Perya is well known in the Philippines. It was often played at fairs back in the day. This game is entertaining and fun. Whether children or adults, are simply addicted to the game.

What is a Color Game?

The majority of the games at fairs are color-based. In the Philippines, fiestas are a common time for these games to occur. Because it's so simple to win and place bets, this game has a huge fan base.

Different colors can be utilized in this game. Typically, it is boxed, and there is a boat where you will lead and take bets. It's quite easy; all you have to do is bet on the color you think will win.

In this game, participants can choose a color and place a wager on the number of matches they anticipate receiving based on successive hues. You can win more money when you play in more matches. This game is fantastic because it is simple to play and doesn't take any skill, just luck!.

This game is for people who want to have fun without any pressure.

Can you earn money from Color Game online Perya?

Is it possible to win real money in Color Games? The answer is YES! You can win real money or prizes when playing Color Games online, via Color Game applications, or in real life settings.

Although it may seem scary at first, this guide will teach you everything you need to know about the game, including how to play it, its strategy, and the best colors to use when playing. With this information, playing and winning is now simple. Usually, when you earn chips or points, you can cash them in or use them again.

You can get paid to play games, watch video advertising while playing, and share content on social media. These are only a few of the methods for obtaining chips. You can also succeed by playing well.

Core rules in Color Game

The research suggests that it is quite simple to play. You can win cash, and it's entertaining. We put together the following instructions so that you could learn more about how to play the Color Game online Perya.

● The player taps on one of the choices or circles, chooses its color, and then taps on a colored peg to pick it. The circle will be replaced by a peg of the desired or preferred color if your desired or desired color appears or is clicked.

● In the event that you select the incorrect color or color combination, you have the option of changing your pick.

● Until all of the circles are colored, this process is repeated. In the opposite column, a "check" symbol will now display.

● When you are satisfied with the colors you have chosen, press the "Check" symbol. If you are not satisfied with the colors you have chosen, you can change and correct the colors first until you get the desired combination. If you are done and have made your selection, you need to press the “check” symbol.

● The computer will analyze the combinations and give an answer: a black dot is for the combination that matches the secret key and a white dot for each combination that is in the secret key in a different position. The order of the dots is arbitrary.

The casino Color Game is a fun, simple way to start learning the basics of casino games. It is easy and relaxing to play, but it can also be one of the most profitable and effective casino games if you know how to win. Color game online is created by professionals who understand how people think and how they play.

How to win in Color Game

Is winning in Color Game online Perya just a matter of luck? Is it supposed to heal? Cure stains. As we know, it is usually played at the fair and actual and physical playing is usually when playing the Color Game.

You need to prepare only a small investment as not all Color Games have money involved. Allocate a base amount that you match. It is best to prepare only coins. But of course the bigger the base amount, the bigger the right.

Bet only on one color, for example blue, bet only blue. If it comes out, it's ok, as long as you stick to the coin you bet so your game pattern doesn't get messed up.








If your suit doesn't win, here's the strategy. It is only necessary that you bet on that color again. Just double the bet. If still not, just double the bet again. Just always remember, the bet on a color only doubles.

The truth is, the color blue can't not come out and win, right? So you are definitely a winner with this strategy.

Here is an illustration: You place a P10 wager, which you lose, before making it a P20 sell and losing P40 on it. In that case, P70 is the amount of your loss. Then, when it hits or comes out, you will convert your next wager of P80 and receive P70 back, ensuring that you continue to win money.

This game only calls for patience. Simply select one hue. That will undoubtedly surface and be successful. You continue to profit each time blue strikes. In the Color Game online Perya, good luck if you double or tripled.


Rules of activity :

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  6. All requirements must be done within 24 hours.

How to Claim :

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  2. Confirm all verifications are completed, system will automatically offer bonus to main wallet.

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