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GoldenPlus+ /sabong com

Sabong is an ancient gambling game in the Philippines that still excites hundreds of people every day. There will be two roosters representing different teams fighting against each other. Players will then place a bet to predict who will win the game. At the start of the battle, 2 roosters are placed in the sabong pit. They will fight with their peaks and claws, and a sharp blade will be attached to the rooster's leg to make the fight more dangerous and exciting. The two will keep on fighting until one of them can't stand straight.

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Sabong Online Betting Guide

Sabong is new to many players, and we know that many of you want to know its basic rules. Therefore, in this paragraph we will explain them in great detail. Let's get started!

MERON & WALA have 3 sides to bet on: MERON (rooster who looks like a champion and has a high winning percentage) and WALA (rookie fighter with less experience) or Draw (both roosters can't even stand up to fight at the end.)

MERON are usually quality roosters raised on good farms, with the best diet, nutrition, and living conditions to increase their chances of winning. Their owners may also have a lot of influence in the cockfighting market. In combat, Meron's feet are marked with red or orange tape, while WALA, on the other hand, are distinguished by blue.

  1. Live broadcast: Live broadcast of the battle. Players can see the status and condition of the roosters, and basic information will also be announced here.

  2. Betting area: players can choose Meron (red), Wala (blue), Draw (flat), minimum 100, maximum 200, 500, 1000, 2000, players decide to bet on a rooster according to their beliefs.

  3. Game History: In this box, you will see the game history. Winners of each round will be recorded here. Advanced players can analyze the game history to effectively predict the next winner.

  4. Account Information: Account information is displayed here, including account information, bet amounts, deposit history, and basic betting rules.


Superstition is valued by many rural Sabang devotees

Like the traditional customs of other countries, the SABONG culture of the Philippines also has strong folklore.

(1)It is unlucky to have female visitors on the day of the cockfight

(2) Do not sweep the floor of the house on Sabang Day

(3) Avoid Friday chicken fights

(4) Avoid having a hole in the pocket of your pants when you go to a chicken fight.

(5) Do not look back when walking to the cockpit arena

(6) Place your bets on "mayahin" and white rooster on moonlit nights

(7) It is an unlucky day if you encounter a funeral procession on your way to the cockfight

(8) Saban Day avoids shaving for fear that it may cause the rooster's blade to break

(9) Avoid having sex the night before


free credits online sabong

If you want to try your luck and gain new knowledge or skills, visit Goldenplus for a very interesting sabong experience!

In addition, Goldenplus has a lot of promotional offers for players

Goldenplus has a number of special promotions for those who join us to receive the benefits and bonuses we offer. New sign-ups will receive a 100% welcome bonus. You can redeem up to 2000 credits. Get 100% bonus on deposits and 10% daily bonus, plus various bonuses for you to explore! No event deadline!

  • Login at Mission every day to claim the reward.


  • new registration gets a free 60 PHP bonus and 8,800 diamonds.

  • Deposit Get bonus 100%

  • Daily Bonus 10%

  • 0.3% loss rebate, no limit amount.

  • 0.2% Daily Rebate every turnover gets a rebate diamond

  • Refer Friends Bonus

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