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GoldenPlus+/DS88 Sabong free

Sabong or cockfighting has been a popular sport and production in the Philippines for thousands of years. Amazingly, this fighting sport has stood the test of time. However, in the last decade, the world of cockfighting has undergone a digital upgrade.

Today, you can bet online sabong or eSabong from wherever you are. The principle of online pokies is similar to that of traditional pokies. Basically, each game involves two roosters whose goal is to compete with each other for dominance. The favorite in the crowd is called the "Ilamado" and the loser is called the "dejado".*

While it is almost impossible to bet on the winning cock in every game, you can increase your chances by playing smart. Here are some useful tips to help you win the big prize in the world of online sand tables


The tip of sabong bonus

1. Choose the rooster with more winning records.

Fortunately, in the online sabong, you can learn about the fighting power of this fighting chicken. At the bottom of the live sabong, there is a trend section with different colored circles.

The red circle indicates the number of wins as meron, while the number of losses or wala is in the blue circle. The yellow circles have the number of draws. Basically, you just need to see which color is dominating the trend section so you know which gamefowl to use in the upcoming games.

2. Check the shape and gestures of the rooster.

Before the race starts, bettors and other spectators will have a chance to see and determine which gamefowl is better. This is like how spectators saw the rooster in the ring before the pandemic.

See how they fly, jump and use their beaks during this time. You should also analyze their agility, strength, and stamina. Endurance is important because you need to determine if the chick can compete despite being injured.

Also, you should check the rooster's feathers. A shiny cockerel means he is well-fed and well-cared for. A less shiny rooster means he has fought in the past. Given its history, it may be difficult to win.

3. Pay attention to the cock statistics of the announcer.

As with traditional cockfighting, online cockfighting has announcers. They basically comment on the matches, which adds to the excitement of the battles.

Before the actual tournament begins, the announcers present the statistics of the participating fighters. These include wins, losses and draws, as well as their current weights. It is best to bet on the side with the best winning record.


Watch cockfighting on DS88

In the DS88, we have achieved smooth video in high definition and ultra-high quality, which is not common in the market. Other platforms' transmission systems often get stuck or blurred because their technology is not as advanced as ours. diamond sabong88 has European engineers using the latest serial technology to ensure that all players can experience the excitement of being there!

In addition, we are also a PAGCOR certified legal site. Hundreds of matches are broadcast live 24 hours a day. You can watch on a variety of devices, including cell phones or computers. Best of all, you don't have to risk getting COVID-19, you can enjoy cockfighting and every game from home.

  • Using European transmission serial technology, sabong, the best online live streaming in the Philippines

  • Hundreds of Sabong match day and night

  • Official Filipino cockfighting license provides legal betting for players

  • Cell phones, computers, tablets, and any device can be watched live in real-time

  • Watching the broadcast online is the safest option


Sabong free

Goldenplus is the best entrance for you to choose to visit sabong, where there are more promotional offers in addition to sabong

Goldenplus has a number of special promotions for those who join us to receive the benefits and bonuses we offer. New sign-ups will receive a 100% welcome bonus. You can redeem up to 2000 credits. Get 100% bonus on deposits and 10% daily bonus, plus a variety of bonuses for you to explore! No event deadline!

  • Login at Mission every day to claim the reward.


  • new registration gets free 60 PHP bonus and 8,800 diamonds.

  • Deposit Get bonus 100%

  • Daily Bonus 10%

  • 0.3% loss rebate, no limit amount.

  • 0.2% Daily Rebate every turnover gets rebate diamond

  • Refer Friends Bonus

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