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GoldenPlus+ /sabong free credits

Before the competition

In the cockpit or sabungan, the owner and the male pigeon are assigned to a specific side

Meron - favored cock, which means that the chances of winning on this side are higher, but the betting multiplier is much lower on the side compared to the other side

Wala - less popular rooster or loser with a higher betting multiplier. A rooster can be placed in the Meron if it has survived past battles, or the owner may have a huge influence in the cockfighting world. Odds and multipliers may vary from fight to fight.

The next step took place in the arena known as Ruweda. There were four cockfighting men in the ring; the 2 owners of the pigeons, the announcer (called Casador), and the referee (called Sentensyador).

Once inside, the two roosters are grabbed by each owner and allowed to get close enough to peck each other for food. This is done so that spectators and potential gamblers can see which bird seems more aggressive. The two owners then move away from each other and each male is given a minute or so to "show off his stuff" so that the gambler can assess who to bet on


Tips to win online Sabong

If you are a non-reference betting player, you can expect your own winning percentage. Data, experience, and observation are all necessary to improve your winning percentage.

Online sabong players should not miss the opportunity to watch the chicken fight and the battle process at close range. The live broadcast is clear and the view is excellent. And there's nothing more important than experience, so now is a great time to develop your observation skills!

1. The fact of sabong cock after a few games, we found that: - body type is not important - appearance is not important

This may be hard to believe because most sabong strategies are the opposite. But when you watch thousands or hundreds of sabong matches, these facts are not directly related to winning. We observed the two of them pecking at each other in "Ruweda", and this is the moment players should be most aware of.

In ruweda, you can see that some chickens are very impatient. Every time the opponent attacks, they are eager to counterattack. Smart chickens understand that this is a harmless act. They will also fight back to demonstrate, but not at this moment, it will reserve their strength until the battle officially begins.

We call it the "King of Silence". If you look closely, you will find that their attacks are not random, but perfectly timed dodges and precise attacks. The King's characteristics are.

Many players mistakenly believe that roosters lack the will to fight and fight, but in fact, experienced players know that prudence and intelligence are excellent qualities.

2 Self-control" is the highest principle that all players must abide by. No matter how perfect your betting strategy is, if you don't have any self-control, you will still lose money.

  • Always remember: self-control over strategy

  • Have the spare capacity to bet

  • Understand that there is always a cycle of winning and losing, so don't let consecutive wins and losses affect your mood.

  • Set a maximum budget for each month, do not exceed or exceed this figure

  • Know how to relax, and do not develop the habit of gambling more because of emotions

If you lose continuously, you must reduce, not increase, your bets, and conversely, if you win, you can increase them. If you hit your winning shot, it's over. Don't keep betting. Remember, self-control is most important.


free credits online sabong

If you want to try your luck and gain new knowledge or skills, visit Goldenplus for a very interesting sabong experience!

In addition, Goldenplus has a lot of promotional offers for players

Goldenplus has a number of special promotions for those who join us to receive the benefits and bonuses we offer. New sign-ups will receive a 100% welcome bonus. You can redeem up to 2000 credits. Get 100% bonus on deposits and 10% daily bonus, plus various bonuses for you to explore! No event deadline!

  • Login at Mission every day to claim the reward.


  • new registration gets a free 60 PHP bonus and 8,800 diamonds.

  • Deposit Get bonus 100%

  • Daily Bonus 10%

  • 0.3% loss rebate, no limit amount.

  • 0.2% Daily Rebate every turnover gets a rebate diamond

  • Refer Friends Bonus


GoldenPlus money coming

All the games and game alternatives we offer to our customers are licensed and regulated. This means that we follow strict international standards and are regularly audited to ensure that the security of our platform and the privacy of our customers are protected.

It only takes 1 minute to register, GoldenPlus+ exclusive features will send you Bonus play immediately.

For depositing and withdrawing funds, we use GCASH and stable offline banking methods that take only seconds to complete on your mobile device.

We are happy to run our online casino smoothly. Our friendly online customer service team is always available to help you. Customer service can also be accessed through live chat and email. Enjoy the most hassle-free playing experience possible, and feel free to bring your good fortune and we will provide you with the best service. If you want to be a lucky player and get various bonuses, click on this site!

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